Izzy has been a lifetime fan of drag and respects it as a theatrical artistic gender bending expression. Izzy is a genderqueer activist/writer and Hobbit at his heart’s center. With a love and passion for drag, art, and all things queer Izzy Ahee now works to spread love and peace to all beings.

Izzy Ahee was at first a GenderQueer Activist. He began writing about their personal gender experience in a blog known as “Do I have to choose?” Over the years Izzy explored all the choices presented to him in our culture for gender expression. With an excitement to reach out to the LBGTQ community Izzy was confronted with a drag king. In that moment Izzy was filled with a vision and idea to be a Drag King. He began his career at the Amateur Drag Race in Harrisburg, PA where we was eliminated with a lot of crowd and drag leader dismay. Later he emerged as Jade DeVere’s, Drag son & Whitley Nicole DeAires, Grand Drag son. His character was encouraged, loved, and inspired by his drag family. He has blogged most of his career in “Do I have to choose?” with references to the queens that impressed him and the background to his song choices. As Izzy Ahee developed as a character he evolved into a Hobbit – Tobi Longbottom (an entertainer for children) – out of one of his creative costumes for a competition with the “Foundation for Hope” – An Anti-bullying non profit that is popular in the Harrisburg, PA area.

With a professional drag family at his back Izzy Ahee enjoyed a busy career in PA where he began as an amateur and left as a leader with other Drag Kings. While in PA Izzy was crowned as Mr. Lancaster PA Pride 2014 after competing with two other Drag Kings. He also was crowned the one and only Mr. State Street, a fundraiser for AIDS patients. Izzy Ahee had dreamed of traveling his entire life and when the opportunity arrived he was forced to leave PA. He left behind a Drag Son/brother – Maxwell Treats and newest Brother Mykel Bono. Now the DeAire family still continues to grow in the Central PA area, all the while recognizing and honoring Izzy Ahee as one of their own.

Now Izzy Ahee travels for many reasons, including drag and gender activism. Izzy has appeared in Boston, MA – Portland, OR, Phoenix, AZ- New Jersey – New York – Las Vegas, NV and calls Denver, CO home. Today he inspires to show how the art of drag is both gender activism and art. He believes that drag is a community that can welcome genderqueers around the world. A community where dressing your gender expression is what WE DO!

We encourage you to read Izzy aka Hollis Taylor’s Book – Divine Androgyne.