Drag DJ Izzy Ahee

When I first noticed that some of the most popular Drag Queens in Denver were also DJing at local clubs I was intrigued. I had always wondered if I would enjoy DJing. I am a big music fan, I have a very wide variety of genres that I listen to. In my every day life I have began to manage an up and coming musician, Bright Hawk. When I found myself in a recording studio with her I realized that not only was I tech savy enough but I also had a great ear for what sounds good. Honestly, though, other than my fooling around with mixing songs for Drag I hadn’t spent much time on it. Last summer I decided to learn to DJ and mix music. Its about time for me to learn a new skill and if it means increasing my performance resume’ as a DJ and music producer, well than why not? I love to learn new things!

These days anyone can really learn anything with the help of the internet. Something like DJing I have found is full of community that includes many teachers. Obtaining the proper software and hardware seemed to be a big obstacle and apparently this is a big obstacle for many new DJs. But once I got the software and began to play with it, it became obvious to me that I could really love doing this. DJing has one element that truly attracts me, dance. I love to get people to dance!

In my everyday life I created a program that encourages people to dance and I run that business every day of my life right now. Starting your own business is like running 1.5 full time jobs at the same time. One thing is for sure I love to get the audience involved regardless of the show. As a Drag King I am constantly trying to develop ways for people to be and stay involved. I think it makes it more entertaining and fun! Plus I love to dance and sing-a-long at shows, too.

So when Bright Hawk spoke of her vision with DJ + Bright Hawk on percussion we were inspired to come together as the Crazy Monkeys! Bright Hawk already has many of her own compositions on the Hang PANArt but those concerts always feel like we are missing half of all the wonderful of Bright Hawk. She can tell great stories and play original compositions on the hang but to really bring a full Bright Hawk to the stage we need to include more of her percussion instruments. So she began to play her Djembe along with me while I learn the art of of DJing. As we develop we hope to lay beats down of her original music as well so she can play along.

As we continue to develop we are so excited to be having a show at Cannon Mine Coffee this Thursday night. We plan to include Bright Hawk’s newest compositions along with percussion covers including String Cheese Incident, Michael Franti, Nahko & Medicine for the People, and Adele. Bright Hawk plans to play her Hang drum but also her Djembe and the wood block. Bright Hawk’s ability to play along with songs with a percussion instrument creates an atmosphere that encourages dance and fun music gatherings. Together, the Crazy Monkeys are here to inspire your heart, give life to your feet, and encourage community gatherings.


By Hollis Taylor

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