Izzy Ahee Tells Story

This is my story!

“Izzy Ahee is a drag king and gender activist. Izzy brings alternative entertainment, music, and dance to the LGBTQ community as a Drag King and DJ. Izzy Ahee is a Drag King played by Hollis Taylor whom is a Gender Activist. Hollis uses Izzy as a masculine expression of nemself. Hollis is a naturally transitioned TransMasculine person whom identifies as a GenderQueer.”

This is my story that I hope to be able to tell live at gender conferences and other related conferences around the world. I know that my story will help others understand that not only is there a third gender but there is something they can do to help. Compassionate people all over the world want to lift up non-binary people but often are lacking in understanding and education. Often I am asked to educate people, likely because I am good at helping them understand.

I know that the world would want to stand behind their gender benders if they could better understand that the shame around bending gender roles only perpetuates the gender dysphoria. Having an understanding of how it is all related to shame and mental illness I have confidence in our world to embrace gender variant folks and instead find celebration in their identity. As more and more GenderQueer people emerge from college I hope to empower them to spread an understanding of why gender is no longer valid in our culture.

I am hoping to build a bridge. In drag I am filled with hope for our future especially as RuPaul emerges with her own show. As she legitimizes Drag Queens, which for sure they need extra help, I hope to bring Drag Kings into the spotlight. I feel, although our style may end up different, Kings & Queens have a message about gender to deliver. The time has arrived, our culture is ready for us. Here we come!!!


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