Drag DJ Izzy Ahee

When I first noticed that some of the most popular Drag Queens in Denver were also DJing at local clubs I was intrigued. I had always wondered if I would enjoy DJing. I am a big music fan, I have a very wide variety of genres that I listen to. In my every day life…


At this point I don’t think synthetic hormones are WRONG, but I don’t think I should have to take them in order to be seen as male. Rather I believe in other options and I don’t want to be seen as male ALL the time. Still there are times I like being a woman and truly appreciate my femininity but only when I have plenty of masculine expression. Finding a way to fully express my masculine side is the struggle. For some unknown reasons living every day as simply a butch female just isn’t masculine enough.

Ryder Nightly

So we talked about our emotional experiences related to the song and we brought that to the stage here, at the Foundation for Hope fundraiser show.