Halloween Lebanon Drag Show

By Hollis Taylor

This Halloween I was thrilled to check out the Halloween show for the Lebanon Drag Show! It was held in the bar portion of the Days Inn in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. What a fantastic show! I heard about the event through a friend that was performing that evening, Jade DeVere. It was a great way to have a little date night with my lady and enjoy one of our favorite forms of entertainment, Drag! We ended up with great seats and arrived just as the show was starting.

From the moment we sat down until the show was over we were mesmerized by the entertainers. There was apparently even a late performer and it didn’t mess up the show at all, at least not from my point of view. Whitley Nycole DeAire stood out among all of the queens and I was not surprised to understand that she was running the thing. Each one of her numbers was over the top in costume and interaction with the audience. She held a stage presence that made you laugh, smile, and feel satisfied. Satisfied in a way that you feel completely entertained. She does her job very well and gets everyone to enjoy themselves. Really a fantastic host!

The entire line up other than Whitley was above the average drag queen. I noticed that each one had a strength such as dance, lip-sync, or appearance. I noticed that Jade DeVere was very strong in the “creepy lady” look. Since it was Halloween she really raised the bar and went over the top in a creepy way. The audience truly enjoyed her ability to creepily entertain them.

The place was packed and appears to be well attended and now I know why. I think it was a really amazing drag show all around! Worth every penny!

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  1. Whitley says:

    Thanks for the great comments….I truly love to entertain everyone…We look forward to seeing everyone at the Christmas show on December 14, 2013 xoxo Whitley

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