Quirky Drag at Harrisburg’s Midtown Arts Center

By Hollis Taylor

First I want to say that I love and adore this venue, Harrisburg’s Midtown Arts Center. I have been to this place many times for many different things. I have been to Drag Shows, Vagina Monologues, and Drum Circles here. It’s always a great experience and the atmosphere feeds the creative soul. I love to arrive early so I can take a look around at the artwork and talk to the staff about recent shows, upcoming shows, and other fun stuff happening there. I have been in this place for smaller intimate shows to standing room only shows that I wished I had arrived earlier. A lot of people truly love this venue for its creative edge in music, performance art, and creative manifestations of all sorts. From my perspective though I kind of love the stage and how the place feels from a Drag Kings Perspective. You can be on stage or down on the floor, even if the video doesn’t show it….

This particular show was last minute due to some cancellations and an open opportunity. Jade DeVere, my drag mom, arranged for a “Quirky Drag Show” with 3 Queens and a King.

First of all, I am honored to work with all 3 of the queens because each one of them is fabulous for their own reasons. Jade takes you for a mesmerized ride every time she performs, regardless of the song. She has a way of pulling you in quickly and keeping you interested throughout the entire performance. Of course these performances are always better in person but you can see what happened in the videos. This is the one I got to see

Belladonna is interesting and adorable all at the same time and brings some interesting creativity to the stage. I had done a number at Halloween with Belladonna that was a ton of fun. She always brings a lot of creativity to anything she touches. I honor her ability to do songs in different languages…its easy for her, but not so much for me.


Diamond is beautifully tall and thin, which gives it that RuPaul feel and on top of that she is not afraid to do the crazy shit. Every time I work with Diamond I am glad I did, she is easy going, friendly, and her performances are fun. I prefer drag to be live and this one I caught live. It was so funny I know everyone was laughing for most of the duration of the song. One of those songs that you stop laughing so you can hear the next ridiculous line…and then start laughing again.


I, Izzy Ahee, hammed up a song I did at the Amateur Drag Race. We all did 3 numbers and I chose Soccer Practice, Masochism Tango, and AC/DC mix with Big Balls. I love each song for its own reasons but the Masochism Tango is one of my favorite to perform….but AC/DC got tons of positive feedback. Seems it was the favorite out of my three, which is interesting to me to see what songs people love.

You can see all 3 numbers from each performer at the amazing videographer’s Youtube channell that so graciously films all of our performances. If you are a local and are looking to catch a drag show at HMAC watch our facebook pages for updates about the next show.

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