Lebanon Drag Night – Feb. 2014

By Hollis Taylor

This drag night is a regular event at the Lebanon, PA Days Inn. I always tell interested individuals that its worth every penny you pay to see it. Its the best entertainers in the surrounding area and with a lead like Whitley its sure to be a good time. I noticed that the producer has more to do with how great the show turns out than the performers. Maybe its because of the performers that a producer chooses or because excellence pulls in more of the same, but either way this show is one of the best shows I have ever seen. I mean other than a great Pride drag show – its really got all that you need. Its got Whitley who brings humor, raunch, and beauty to the stage. For those ladies that like to watch their insecure or playful husbands squirm, this is the queen that will do it! Then Jade DeVere brings a strange humor to the stage that often leaves people in a place of being thoroughly entertained. Robyn Innocence returned to the stage for a couple songs and she brought my favorite to the stage, “I touch myself” Backstage she said, “Well when I think Valentines Day I think the first person you should be lovin’ is yourself.” What a great point of view and I totally respect her for the fantastic message. Felicia O’Toole brings pure silliness and dirty humor that gets everyone belly laughing. Then we had Meni Starr Quake & Minaj A Twa bring more romance and love to the Valentines Show.

Of course my perspective of the show must be totally different than the audience. I don’t get to see most of the performances because I am backstage getting dressed. I did 3 songs, all 3 songs handpicked for this show and the other shows coming up this month. Of course being close to Valentine’s all 3 songs had to relate in some way to the holiday, which is not hard for me. I happen to like the holiday.

So I chose “Give Love” (Dance Mix version) by MC Yogi. MC Yogi has been one of my recent loves of new music. I like music that leaves me in a good mood. I love rap but there are few songs that I can stand the message. This song brought a message I can stand behind. Giving love to everyone around you will bring emotional healing to the human race. Many of us talk about how we get sick of hearing all these negative things but very few of us consistently spread positiveness. Compliment people, tell people you care, and spread basic politeness. Try to find love and compassion in your heart for everyone – and consider that all of us just want love, happiness, and peace. Think about it this way, in a dark place if one candle is lit it lightens the room. If others light their candle from that one, no flame is lost from the first one but simply the room is brightened more.  My performance of it was of a hippy dude, one of my favorite types of men. I find so called “hippy men” to be more in touch with their emotions and often more authentic. At my core I am peaceful, loving, and happy – but I wasn’t always this way. Today, I want to spread love everywhere I go! That’s exactly what I do in this number with my very long dreads, yoga dub step moves, and yogi outfit. We all want love – so lets start the trend of “Giving Love”  Here’s the song in case you haven’t heard of it.

Then I did a really naughty mix that was mostly meant to make the ladies smile. I love to get the ladies dancing with me and that’s exactly what happened. This artist has a way of making a beat that the ladies  just love to bounce to and they loved all the attention I had for them. It pushed a few buttons and got the ladies attention. I am experimenting with mixing my own songs so I mashed together Mickey Avalon “I’m Hottt” and “Tight Blue Jeans”  Turned out to be a lot of fun. The lyrics were interesting in that part of “Tight Blue Jeans” is in a different language and its not spanish…I think its jewish. Anyone know what he is saying?

My last song was Hunter Hayes “Somebody’s Heartbreak” This song is romantic and for certain directly from my heart. I brought all the feelings of having a crush on someone right to the stage because that is exactly what this song is about. For all of us out there that have had a crush that pays very little if any attention to us, here’s the song. I was surprised to see just how much of the audience truly loved and appreciated the song. Many of the ladies smiled like you just gave them a box of candy or a rose. It was a fun song to do and I look forward to this sweet song in the near future.

As I reflected on my experience in Lebanon I realized I wanted that audience to fall in love with me. I wanted those women to love me because I was exactly what they wanted at that moment. A guy with a big heart and good intentions. A man that wasn’t afraid to be assertive, playful, and raunchy. Then the same man could clean it up and bring romance and love to the stage. By the end of the night I danced with the crowd – I think they liked it! Izzy Ahee a ladies man (laughs at self) – but I never want to be anything more than a gentleman. I am lover not a fighter, baby! I got enough love for all of you!

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