So most days… I don’t think about my gender. But I notice when my monthly menstruation rolls around it really bugs me. Most days I am fine living at me… an androgynous female bodied individual that feels more like a guy. But when that menstruation happens I begin to almost feel confused, more confused than I do on most days. I try to give myself the space to just allow myself to feel female for those 4-5 days but often I am just uncomfortable with it. I strive to be more comfortable with this natural occurence in my body. I think if I allow myself to seperate menstruation from gender it might just be possible.

Gender has so many layers… so many ins and outs. Its confusing. So my new favorite quote when someone confuses my gender… I say, “I understand your confusion, it confuses me too.”

Our culture needs another gender.

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  1. I don’t know if this will help or not but I’ve recently switched to a menstrual cup. They’re made out of surgical grade silicon and you empty them, rinse and reuse. You can also sterilize them between cycles. I like mine because it just seems so much more natural than tampons. They don’t leak and there isn’t the string and it’s just easier to forget that it’s there. They are a bit expensive but as you reuse them it’s a lot cheaper in the long run.

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