I will Survive!

By Hollis Taylor

This was simply a drag classic that I just couldn’t wait to turn into a classic for Kings! I am sure I have seen this song done so many times – at this point its expected for many queens. We all do a song that just screams DRAG! “I Will Survive!” is a song that stands for independence and a leaving behind of old habits and unhealthy situations. Many queens identify with this song because they often have to leave behind someone or end something in order to wear a dress. Doing Drag for kings is less dramatic, not that our lives are lacking drama! It had different meaning for me. Frankly, the drag race was just too much for my diverse and busy lifestyle – I chose not to return. I just can’t do every single Sunday and go to work as a functional caregiver on Monday morning! I can surely do a pageant or whatever. I proved I can do drag, I proved I am a diverse performer, and I proved I am reliable. Mission accomplished.

Simply! “I will Survive!” Keep watching for me! I have already been invited to several pageants and shows in the future. As I confirm my attendance I will post it on my facebook page. For now, enjoy this hipster version of a drag classic.

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