Gender is only Garb Deep

Drag King Male Impersonator
Izzy Ahee drag performance as the Happy Elf

By Hollis Taylor

I had no idea what kind of journey drag would take me on but as I settle in for the long ride its proving to be, I am fascinated at the doors it opens in my brain. I have fully explored being a normal female and at one point I seriously considered transitioning to a man, with hormones and all. I even explain lots of my process in this blog from years ago. In that process, considering my lifestyle, current journey, and values I decided to do something totally different. Instead of transitioning to a male I want to transition to an androgynous person. I want to be able to change it around and present as whatever I want, whenever I want.

One thing that is a very common question for me, as a Drag King, is “Do you want to be a man?” My immediate answer is “No!” Actually I don’t! I am fully a womyn now and I fucking love it! I also love that I can present myself however I want and just because I choose to mostly present androgynous and male, doesn’t mean I CAN’T be female, cause I certainly can. In this flexibility in my currently life I have found a very strong sense of contentment. Frankly I am content being a crossdresser androgynous queer, I don’t want to take drugs to look more masculine. So “Do I want to be a man?” the basic answer is “No” but in the end – I am! I am a man, I am a womyn, I am an andro! Depends on what I am wearing and how I am presenting to you today. Gender is only garb deep.

This leads me to separate gender from sex (n). Your sex is indicated by your genitalia, I will not argue with  you nor deny that I have a vagina and I am female. But as far as my gender goes….well its flexible. Gender Flexible! So now I have to find a way to communicate this verbally during these situations. I think that term does it and if they have any openness or interest they will ask.

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