Embarking on a new Drag Adventure

By Hollis Taylor

After the past year I was ready to welcome a break from drag. I didn’t put any time limit on it or anything and just figured I would return, because drag had enriched my life so much it was hard to imagine not returning. But part of me was really tired of the whole process from binding and jockstraps to wigs and makeup. Its been about a month now and all I have done is borrowed a shirt or two from Izzy’s wardrobe and wore the binder for a function I presented as androgynous at.

I feel it nagging me as I get to work here in Colorado. I found full time work, of course I am still taking care of elderly people. Now as I realize what weekends I have off I want to start checking out drag shows in the Denver area. I can feel it itching at my soul. Its like I gotta bring Izzy out, drag is the easiest venue. Of course I have also considered searching the local theaters and present myself as a male impersonator. I really thought this through as I listened to a cross dresser I encountered here in the Boulder area talk about the need to express that side of themselves. I also feel like its a great outlet for some of my rather crude masculine traits and a way to express some of my creativity, especially in dance. 

So yes I have safely arrived in the Boulder, CO area, settled into my new home, found a full time job and now find myself itching for Izzy. So stay tuned to see how it begins here CO.


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