Drag is Powerful

By Hollis Taylor

In the past year I have been very busy doing drag all over the state of PA and have been learning a lot about the art in the process. The deeper I get into the scene the more I realize just how impactful it has been on the evolution of equality as a whole on our society. Drag has been around for a long time and as more and more gay bars hosted drag shows in the past 20-30 years I have been watching. I have always felt a kinship with drag queens and always respected their art. First of all doing drag is dangerous, less these days depending on where you are in the world, but in the past it has proven to many that hate for those that are different certainly exists. We have all heard tons of stories of drag queens, cross dressers and transpeople of all sorts being the victims of violent crimes related to their gender expression. This is a scary thought when your on stage in front of 100’s of people at a public event like pride. Or how about late nights in the gay bar when some creepy guy seems to be stalking all the drag performers. Drag takes boldness, bravery, and strength. My respect for the art has increased in the past year to a point that I find myself more and more passionate about it. Even as I look to my future, after I move to Colorado at the end of October, I realize that Izzy will need to be brought to a new community in Colorado. I cannot abandon this amazing art.

When I brainstorm what I would like to do I must ask myself what message I am carrying. As a title holding drag king it is my responsibility to carry certain messages. I often like to carry songs that encourage sex positivity, discouraging the shaming of sex. Sometimes I carry the everyone is beautiful message other times I challenge gender roles, my personal pet pieve. Another message I like to bring to the stage is to spread the love. When it comes down to things we all want love, everyone, even so called evil people. I have been in the darkest corners of our world and I have witnessed love among the darkest people in our cultures, if nothing else they love each other. Love, Peace, and Happiness is all everyone wants when you remove all the bullshit. So when I considered what message to bring as a I ran for the Mr. Lancaster PA Pride 2014 – I carried this very important message in my talent number for the pageant. So why leave that number just for the crowd that attended the pageant (which is usually just drag performers, pageants are drag for drag fans) Instead I decided to bring that message to the Amateur Drag Race during a time that I made life choices that challenged other people’s values. I might be different but in the end you can choose to love me instead of judging me. It can be hard depending on what values someone challenges but in the end it is the only way to achieve peace, and we all know that the drama, violence, and war is not something anyone wants. So just loving someone removes the escalation to things that no one wants. Loving is hard because it makes us vunerable, leaving us feeling as if we can be hurt. But once you find deep compassion you realize that feeling the pain, forgiving, and moving forward simply powers your own evolution to a peaceful happy human being. The vulnerability simply opens you up to a deep evolution to what we all want, contentment and a life full of love and happiness. The entire process completely eliminates drama, violence, and war. So love really is the answer we all needed, I warn you though, its not always easy. There are times and situations that I struggle more than others but at other times I find it easier and easier. Drag, I have simply loved everyone. At times it was hard but with practice it got easier and easier. I was led to a drama free drag career that has been full of all sorts of love. From a loving drag family, to loving drag friends, a loving drag wife, and a loving community that supports all I do. Really it has been a pleasure doing drag with Central PA, although I am looking forward to the more progressive Boulder, CO area. What a fantastic foundation I have had and all the connections I have made have amazed me again and again. Simply the love in my heart flows heavy in the drag world, no matter where I am.

So when I did this talent number again at the Amateur Drag Race I was sharing my experience in life with a very boosted ego. I often allow the ego to come out in Izzy Ahee as long as he doesn’t bend basic values, like hurting someone. I have seen the world from the eyes of RadioActive and felt the chemicals and poisons of the world. I completely consumed it. Then I took a dark moment, made a few adjustments and emerged with love of diversity in my heart. The rainbow represents diversity, not just “gay” – Here I also know that the first step to changing the world is to change myself. So yes I think we should all love each other unconditionally but this evolution must happen to me first. I must love everyone unconditionally first, then I can show others. So Yah! I am gonna “Save the World” because I am working to love everyone unconditionally.

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