Izzy Ahee – Determined in Denver!

I love drag! I love the art of it…I love the gender boundaries it pushes! I love how it pokes fun at gender roles in a good way. It gives a place for us gender benders to belong, to shine, and bring our expressions to the stage. Creativity is abound in the Drag world! I love Drag!

Since I been in Denver though I haven’t been able to really connect with many Drag Queens. I have met many crossdressers, but not so much Drag. There is a HUGE difference, incase you don’t understand. I know its a big city and I am just a little Drag King but compared to some other cities I been to in this country, Denver has been tough!

When I was in NJ I was picked up for a Pride show at an amusement park and due to my diversity I was welcomed at a family show. Then in Portland I had a queen “Honey Bea Hart” welcome me with open arms and made me feel like I was welcomed! She was sweet and was a dam good entertainer. She reminded me of my Drag Mom, Jade Devere! Then, of course, I was welcomed back in the town I started Izzy, Harrisburg, PA. It was great to visit my drag family, even if only for a short period of time. I am grateful they were there for me this summer. Thanks to both Jade & Derek for your love & support! I appreciated the support of Maxwell Treats and Felicia O’Toole in their show Sunday Best. The whole thing was SO MUCH FUN!!! Here is a video from that show!

In Vegas “Stephanie Danderson” treated me super sweet and welcomed me on stage. She didn’t even know me! I think that kind of hospitality deserves respect and appreciation. I was very grateful for her to just give me a chance and I was proud to have pleased her with my performances. It was certainly reminiscient of when I first performed for my Drag Grandmother, Whitley Nycole DeAire, in a Christmas show. You can click here and read about her amazing show in a small town!!

In Denver the most welcoming Drag Queen I have found has been Kitten Caboodle! Hands down we became friends from the beginning. We have even hosted a show and had great success working together. When it came time for me to step up as an MC, Master of Ceromonies , I hoped I might be as good as my favorite MC “Mario Queen

Here was the little promotional video my partner made for the show I ended up as MC with Kitten.

Kitten totally had confidence in my ability to MC and was happy to hand me the mic. Thank goodness she had the confidence because I was just barely confident I might know how. I just don’t feel like a funny person and some of the best MCs are funny. Instead she said, “You don’t have to be funny! Hunny!” and with the batting of her eyelashes I was swept away to believe I could do it. I did it and I did it well! She was so pleased that I had to remind her that it was my first time really, as a MC. She leaned back with her drink, smiling and said, “Well sweetie I would have never known!” Just like that I was an MC. But she is kind of new to the city and so am I. Our networking is less than those that have been living in the area for years, since Kitten once lived in California. So far it looks like I might be booked for another show with Kitten in March. Maybe we will get to the “Love Shack” – And I know my dear BellaDonna won’t be jealous at all!

But I can’t help but think about possibly just hosting my own show…. I wonder if its time? GrandMa Whitley….I hope to do it as well as you – I am looking for a venue…I won’t give up! Izzy must dance! So it begins!

My first step to building Izzy Ahee!

Izzy Ahee new Website



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