How did I get here? Throw Back Thursday!!

Well since I am building a presence online I thought I might try to participate in throwback Thursday as a way to share my history as a drag king and male impersonator. How did I get here? Wait, isn’t that a song by the Talking Heads, maybe I should come up with a costume and routine for that one? Any inspiration? I do have a request list!

Anyway! So here I am now as a male impersonator but if you take a look at my very first appearance, you can see my performance in this amateur competition in Harrisburg, PA. The Harrisburg Amateur Drag race is where I began my career as a Drag King. This performance seems so far away now but when I hear the song its as if I had it permanently drilled into my head. “I want your Sex Pt. 1” George Michael.  Here’s the video I just added as a Throw Back Thursday on my new YouTube Channel.

Hilariously I didn’t really have to learn much lyric wise for this song. I really already knew most of the lyrics and just had to be sure of a few pieces. I learned a lot on doing this performance about presentation & movement. When you watch the video you can see that my “body” as they call it in drag and “movement” are both feminine. I had feedback in which to improve. I was so grateful for my experience in this competition. The ability to have direct feedback from professional judges completely made the competition priceless.

I knew nothing about being a King and somehow I had kind of figured out the beard by some strange miracle. But the binding part had kind of escaped me. I don’t know why I thought a tight white shirt would look good while wearing a binder that was too big. As you can see in the video my boobs are bouncing all over the place!! But we all come from someplace! Ha Ha!

Today I am grateful to be several years into being a drag king. With experience and resources I feel way more confident. Today I pass as a male impersonator, 100% most of the time. I am forever grateful for my Drag mom for doing what Drag moms do, even from across the country. I am grateful for the experiences I have had that have lead me to this moment! I am excited for Izzy’s future! Here we go!

I am currently looking for Drag Kings and Queens in the Denver and surrounding area for bookings. Send a picture? Video? Email me!


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