My 2nd Performance – Masochism Tango

When I found out it was broadway the next week I was nervous! The competition, Harrisburg Amateur Drag Race, was thick and I was up against a very strong queen, Aida Snatchwell. I knew that she has done tons of Broadway themed shows and it seemed to me she had more experience than me, even if it was an “amateur” drag race. She was sweet enough to make a few pointers about makeup on the first night but the second night things got way more serious. If you lost you were eliminated and at that time, we all wanted to be there.

When I chose my Broadway number I chose it because I thought it was funny. I thought the irony was hilarious since I was more of a Sadist than a masochist through most of my life. Of course in this song its completely over the top Sadist/Masochist play but isn’t that was drag is about. I thought the over the top nature and the irony were just perfect for a drag performance! Here it is Izzy Ahee doing Tom Lehr’s Masochism Tango.

The most surprising thing about this performance was how popular it became. I had no idea most of the Drag Queens in Pennsylvania would fall in love with me when they seen me do this number!! I ended up performing it at so many of the pageants and shows that I lost count! So many times a queen would say “Ohhh I remember you! I seen you do that song Masochism Tango! Ohhh Honey!! Come be in my show!” This song made me well known in PA. This led to another Halloween number where I brought the same look to do a duet with my, later, drag wife BellaDonna. We rocked the place with that one and it lead to many more!

Gomez & Morticia

Of course as my drag mother had warned, the song became over done for me. I was happy to finally get a break and develop more numbers. I will say that each time I performed it I got better, which taught me a lot about practice. My timing was off the first time I did it but certainly other times it was right on!

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