Guys & Dolls – A Gender Bending Variety Show

Where are all the Drag Kings in Denver? Are they all hiding in the same dark closet? Drag King shows in Denver are pretty much extinct. There are tons of Drag Queen shows all over the city and some very successful ones as well. What I have noticed though is that most of the queens are not as excited about guesting a Drag King as they are in other places. The town has become hard to bust into. So I searched for shows, went out to the shows in face but after some time I thought “Shit, I will just start my own dam drag show, then I will have one whenever I am in town!” It also occurred to me that I could include a heavy inclusion of Kings and a couple of Queens. I could guest invite either from other shows in exchange for a guest spot at their show.

Now I got excited and when I began to negotiate with Broadways I was happy to discover a club owner looking for good entertainment for the club. I was excited for both the short term and long term visions I had. I wanted to do a show with my good Queen friend “Kitten Caboodle” and call it “Love Shack“. I wanted to build a following for our show later decided to be called “Guys N Dolls – A Gender Bending Variety Show” Since the show is on Broadway at a place called Broadways its hard to stay away from that sort of performances. So we are encouraging creativity and uniqueness.

For our first show we have booked 2 Kings and another Queen (other than Kitten). One of the Kings is Adam Clambert whom is super creative and tons of fun. His attitude is a lot like mine with a distinct style for creative costumes. I am excited to see what he comes up with. Then I also was lucky to get a Drag King by the name of MaveRick whom is very “Stag” (like “fishy” is used for queens) There are many styles for drag and I am looking forward to seeing this “Stag” perform. The other Queen we hired is Fontoya Vendetta whom is the Drag Wife for Adam Campbell. Looking forward to seeing what Fontoya’s got plus I am excited to see the two of them perform together. Duets and group numbers are being encouraged. We are all so excited!

Feb. 14th 9pm Valentine’s Day! @ Broadways Denver, 1027 Broadway, Denver CO


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