ABC – Easy as 1,2,3 – TBT -HADR 2013

4th week of the Drag Race and I was ready for some fun! At this point it just became about expressing myself and having fun. I learned a lot about Michael Jackson when preparing for this number. Since the drama in the press and his death I had been inspired by his natural talents. I have an understanding that some of the best entertainers in our world are hyper authentic, this is what leads them to success. I know that some entertainers are not authentic but the best ones usually are. Michael Jackson is a great example. I don’t like to get involved in politics or even make an attempt at an opinion of MJ’s dramas. I think its none of my dam business, but his music was fantastic. As an artist I loved his dance the most – frankly I think he was a better dancer than singer or anything else.

So when I chose this song I chose it because I felt like a lot of kings had done Michael Jackson in Thriller and BAD – but rarely did they depict the young and talented MJ. This is one of my favorite songs, in all its innocence. How can you not dance and celebrate to this song? Many of us that watched public television as kids enjoyed this song in a variety of fashions. I remember it on Sesame Street!

This song was not easy though. I had to figure out what parts were Michael and what parts were his brothers. My favorite part though was the dancing and the costume. I felt like it was kind of easy to do a young MJ since I didn’t have to worry about facial hair. A lot of us female bodied gender benders end up looking like a young boi. The dance was inspiring! It was fun to practice it every day before the show, even if it was out of my “comfort zone“. (This links to the original post when I was in the competition)

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