Closer NIN – TBT Series – ADR Week 4

As a Drag King I like to show my interest and variety of passions through music. I love to mix up the genres and I never stay in one box too long. When I chose this song it was mostly because its a very popular song, everyone recognizes it, and sex energies on stage is a comfort zone for me. As a retired sex worker I have at least 15 years experience with displaying and carrying sex energy for others and as entertainment.

I also have a history in the BDSM culture and couldn’t resist the opportunity to fuck with the audience. I totally made them wait for my attention like any strong dominant. Most of us Kings and Queens are motivated by the money that our fans hold out. Frankly its part of what makes drag fun, to tip our favorite performers and performances. Its like our little bit in the action with them. Although the money is much appreciated I love the interaction with the audience the most. When I develop a drag performance I think about how I can involve the audience. So in this one I played games on eagerness and the pull for my attention, leading to an intense build up of energy. Am I entertaining them or are we entertaining each other?

My makeup is not the greatest and I no longer do this number with that make up. I would not say that make-up is my strong point, although I am pretty good at making the beard look authentic. I am hoping to get some tutorials up in the future. Regardless the costume in this was fun including the faux piercings!

This performance I totally loved making them wait for me to interact with them, because at this point in the Drag Race they have really enjoyed my attention. In this performance they are holding those dollar bills out while I perform the early part of the song, I love the eagerness. I ignored some of them intentionally until I was ready to interact with them, creating one of my signature numbers. I have performed this number in so many places at this point its heading for retirement, but not without giving birth to my newest jacket.

I no longer have this jacket but my upgrade is phenomenal, maybe I will have a great video of it soon! For now, enjoy this old throwback from Harrisburg Amateur Drag Race Week 4.

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