Activism & Drag

So I been working hard recently to get the message of drag out there! Drag is ONLY garb deep! This message is what all of us in the drag community know as fact but we are still busy convincing the general public. Many of us love to express parts of us in drag and it can easily be therapeutic for non-binary people. Drag has saved my life!

As a GenderQueer I found it hard to fully fit into either the gay or lesbian community. I just felt like I wasn’t quite like that, although we had many things in common. Then as I explored the transgender community I discovered that it didn’t quite work for me, either. Although I totally respected their choice for synthetic hormones – I knew it wouldn’t be my choice. One of my deciding factors for NOT choosing a gender was my exploration as a drag king.

Since of course I am female bodied, I have spent many years of my life passing and living as a “woman”, as our gender defines it. I have also spent time in very public venues as a “man” and often am seen as “authentic” or called a “Stag” because I pass as male so well. Since I have experienced socializing under both sides of the binary I have concluded that gender serves no good for either side of the binary and certainly not gender benders of any kind.

Gender roles oppress us all and create expectations on people that are often unhealthy and restricting from our most authentic selves. Many of us would arrive in the center of the binary if we were honest and really took the time to consider gender roles. Some of us feel so strongly about the oppression of Gender roles that we must be obstinate on stage in the form of Drag. Drag is also an outlet for our gender expression.

Most importantly Drag brings activism to the stage in a way that can inspire, motivate, educate, and empower us all. The queer community won’t find this community oppressive therefore allowing them to express their most authentic selves. On stage a performer can easily inspire and motivate the community to understand and respect the non binary people in our community. As Drag grows as an art form, thanks to RuPaul, we call out to the gender benders of the world to bring your message of love and inspiration to the stage. The world is ready for us!

Entertainment has helped us cross many lines and gender is an important one. Without gender we can all be free from oppression, especially the GLBTQ community! So come on out and support this “Gender Bending Variety Show” or whatever drag show you can find in your area. Remember “We are Family!”



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