Big Balls!!! TBT- HADR 2013

By Izzy Ahee

Throw Back Thursday – Harrisburg Amateur Drag Race 2013

At this point in the competition my lack of experience and costumes had exhausted me for the last 5 weeks. You only have a week to prepare for the next performance during the Drag Race because you don’t know the theme till the end of that Sunday night. Although now this would have been barely a challenge. I recognize now that’s because now I have enough costumes to change things up, plenty of performances I have only done in one place, and its easier for me to develop a number. My creative process has become more refined as a result of my experience with this Drag Race.

As I watched this video of my performance I am reminded that I was exhausted and I hadn’t delivered this the way I had intended. I had intended for something a big funnier. I was able to improve the performance by making huge balls to hang out my pants with pantyhose and nerf balls. The times following this that I performed this number it was way more funny and the balls in the pantyhose were fun to swing around.

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