Forever Audri Benefit Show

Drag is just a bunch of shallow perverts, right? Thats what the stigma would have you believe but I experience it differently. Recently I was able to attend a benefit show that touched me deep in my soul. Drag usually inspires my creativity but also, at times, it reaches deep into my heart for an emotional creative expression. Elton John’s – “Candle in the Wind” does that for me!

I have always loved Elton John. The fact that Elton is a good person, or at least tries to be, earns instant respect from me. The song “Candle in the Wind” is gorgeous and frankly I think its an amazing tribute song for any queen. Most Drag Queens hold some respect for Marylyn Monroe and some of them simply love the actress. Plus Elton John is a LGBTQ icon to me, not only is Elton gay but is a bit of a gender bender. The costumes worn for performance are often rather androgynous or at least feminine/masculine. Elton, of course, is out of the closet and a supporter of the LGBTQ community.

So when I impersonate Elton I am proud of it. When I do it for reasons that support the drag community, especially like this, it moves me to tears. Twice I was moved to tears when practicing this song and hoped to be able to do this on stage. When I got on stage I embodied each and every word of that song. The first chorus is for a Queen I never knew. She passed before I got into Drag. Johnny, the organizer for the State Street Competition, told me she would have loved me. He gifted me her image the first time I did this number. The second chorus is to a Queen I competed along side twice. The first time we met was at the Amateur Drag Race and we immediately became friends. Then we supported each other through the State Street Competition when I gifted her all my old “Porn Star” costumes. She was delighted at the gifts and I was happy to shed them. She died soon after that competition. The circumstances were less than ideal and that in itself moves me to tears. Also, though, I felt we all missed out on knowing her better. She had just began to discover herself in drag. She told me all about how it inspired her and helped her understand she was beautiful not a disgusting pervert. This was my last conversation with her. I understood it, totally. Then of course the third chorus is for Audri aka Andrew Lawrence. A Drag Queen in the Northern Colorado area that moved many lives. Interestingly, sounds like we have similar values. In the third chorus the lyrics say that she will be seen as “Something more then just sexual”. I mean this with the deepest of intent.

This stigma about drag stirs my pot. It gets me passionate and loud. Drag is not perverted! Gender Bending and sex are not really related, except that often it comes out that way because non binary people are so oppressed. As we begin to move away from a very binary world we begin to realize that Drag Kings & Queens are not perverts! We are non binary people that prove over and over again that GENDER IS ONLY GARB DEEP!

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