I feel like I have been through so many transitions in my life that I am just not sure I want to transition over to a male. I have many reasons, the main one… I don’t feel like I am a man. I mean I know a lot of men and although I have more in common with the average man than I do with women…. I still am not like them. I don’t think its just physical, either. I don’t understand their fascination with their own genitalia… I mean no one wants it big but other men! I don’t understand the fascination with sports, why watch sports unless you know someone playing? I don’t get cars/trucks…. I like the smallest car I can find. I don’t understand why they treat their wives the way they do… I mean I couldn’t dream of treating my girl like that! I need as much intimacy as I can get and I love snuggling, even after 10 years. I love all the foreplay and its not all about the orgasm. I just feel a million miles from men and ten million from women. I guess this is where someone says… Actually I am not male nor female, I am both or neither.

I am a Gender Queer!

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  1. genderkid says:

    I went through these same questions when I started rethinking my gender. I knew I wasn’t a woman, but when I observed men I wasn’t sure I wanted to be like them either. So I started identifying as genderqueer.

    Now, I think “man” is such a diverse category that all kinds of men fit inside it. I can be sensitive and feminine, and still be a man. So I started identifying as a transman. A genderqueer transman.


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