We are coming up on a new world, or at least most of us hope so. I feel like the world has been in a holding pattern for the past 8 years. We have just been coasting to get by with this awful president we currently have. Now Obama is going to take over the presidency and I find myself anxious, excited, and worried. I am anxious to get him in there, as anything seems better than Bush. I just want to get rid of him and get someone that seems in touch with our world as it is TODAY. I am excited that we may see many of our laws and so forth change in order to bring upon equality among the GLBTQ and the Sex workers community. I also find myself WORRIED that Obama won’t live up to what he has presented to this country. I hope he is able to bring this country together, otherwise we might just be in a load of trouble.

I think that Gays & Lesbians should certainly be given the right to marry, just as heteros do, but we know that we may just have to give up that word. As its simply a word to me anyway… Maybe everyone should give it up? Maybe the word marriage should only be used when referring to your spiritual connection but when referring to your legal responsibilities to each other you could call it domestic partnership or something. As long as I can file my taxes with my wife, regardless of my gender I will be happy. I think its a big issue and I hope we are finally coming to an end of fighting for this basic right.

I also feel there are some rather large issues in our culture/country. Some issues that should be addressed, regarding being transgender. Being Transgender is a big issue in our lives without even facing the issues of legalities and social issues. Transgender brings up a huge issue of being attacked, being violated… I was sitting on the bus today and I had my arm around my girl friend just out of habit. I realized that someone behind me could be wondering about my gender, but what if I encountered the wrong person that questioned my gender? What if someone took it upon themselves to “hurt me” or “Punish me”. I would want the law to punish them, regardless of the REASON they attacked me. Knowing the law is behind you is one way of saying, “Its ok to be you.” Its how we reassure children that tell about their abuse to a judge that they are protected and that the abuser is WRONG. So why was I appalled when I seen this article about Connecticut considering adding transgender to the list of people that can be classified as hate crime victims?

Why weren’t they in the first place? What stopped you from putting them on there when you put Gays and Lesbians? I can’t understand why you would exclude ANYONE from that list? Attacking someone shows that you likely hate them… I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t just add them in with everyone else? Where we being ignored? My logic tells me that we were likely being ignored, likely being overlooked… Why does our culture do this to transgender folks? Are we so shameful to the average person that we are hidden in your dark closets? Why is our culture ashamed of us? I know for me… this cultural shame, is what supports my own internal shame. If they are ashamed of me, than I should be ashamed of me! Hmmmm….No wonder so many transgenders end up killing themselves, they are likely sucked up in shame.

I think we should be ashamed of our culture. Ashamed of how we hate people, exclude people, and shame people. I am ashamed to be an American and in this world its no wonder. Especially after USA declined the UN protection against GLBTQ’s. I hope that Obama can help me out of my dark closet and help me feel proud to be an American. These days I am deeply shamed.

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  1. We’ll have to fight for our rights just like everybody else. If Mr. Obama believes in our cause he is still just one man with a lot of other constituencies who want his attention.

    Lyndon Johnson did a lot for the civil rights movement. But he did so while people were marching, and occasionally rioting in the streets. He did it while the Black Panthers were scaring the pants off of Ward and June Cleaver. In other words, if people weren’t acting up and bashing back he would likely not have been so motivated.

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