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On a daily basis I don’t think about what gender I am. I don’t really interract with many people and then therefore don’t think about how they view me. Daily I feel like ME… which is not female and not male. Something in the middle, something not defined by a word like that, easier defined by gender queer. Daily I don’t think about if what I am wearing is male/female. I don’t think about my actions. I notice though that when I interract with other people that I pay more attention to how they view me. I wonder what they think about how I dress and how I present myself. Do I look more male or female? Do they notice? Do they care? I am Genderqueer…and its only an issue when I am out of my safe place.

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  1. To my way of thinking, you are at a highly evolved place in gender evolution. If only that was the standard, and what we felt inside was respected / cared about. I spent a lot of my life feeling neutral though, and sometimes I feel like my destiny is an orange robe and a mountain top (with a donkey)…! Thanks for this – B.

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