Gender Variance Group

So Ashley Hope and I started that Gender Variance Group and frankly it’s doing pretty well. I was hoping to change things up from just discussion to projects and maybe other types of activities. I think its important to do these things, it builds a sense of community. I think for us that even question gender in any way, we should come together as a community.

Anyway I been hoping to do a screening very soon. I am searching for any movies, videos, or whatever is out there that can be shared, even music and art. So if any of you out there have something to share or know of something please share the links??

Also I am thinking of making a documentary of sorts about gender including a lot of androgynous and genderqueer people. I also want to include transgender people from early transition as well as transgender people that have been through transition completely. What’s the other side look like? Anyway I want the focus to be on gender and how we are dealing with it in our world – maybe even a fun movie of a world with no gender.

Feedback anyone?

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  1. Ashley Hope says:

    I think a gender variant documentary would be amazing There are many voices of transition out there, but few voices about removing gner, about a truly equal world without the binary gender where one must always be superior to the other

  2. Hi,

    I think you should check out this video, it’s by an Intersex person, and (in my opinion) deeply moving:

    “I’m 80% girl, 20% boy”


    1. Absolutely marvelous video and I plan to share this. Thanks!

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