Drag!! Izzy Ahee Debut Performance!

I did my first show, last Sunday. I will post a video link to it at the bottom of the post. First, I want to say that doing Drag for me is about poking fun at gender. I love how Queens do it “completely over the top” and I personally think Kings should do the same! I have been watching, loving, and wishing to be a drag queen most of my adult life. When I was an adult entertainer I often went over the top, just for variety! Ha Ha!

But my secret entertainment pleasure is certainly Drag – for a very long time! My first Drag show that I watched was in Wilmington, Delaware by a Queen from Philly. I don’t remember her name but we became friends quickly and I often hung out with her to help her get ready. I always tried to make the drag shows at the bars in Wilmington. It was like my secret pleasure as a mom, wife, and scout leader. Ohhh what a dirty web I weave! Ha Ha!

So I had weeks to prepare for my first show as Izzy Ahee. I chose George Michael as my opening show because it showed who I was in a way. Fabulous sexy man… I chose “I want your sex” because its comfortable for me. It’s easy, although it was harder than I thought. I had a harder time mastering the sexy moves of a man, likely because I been dancing as a girl/woman for my entire life. Men certainly move differently. I pulled from my transman days and packed in my underwear and even wore 2 pairs of underwear so it didn’t come out during the dancing. Even if they don’t notice your bulge, it makes you walk differently and hold yourself differently. Since I was so familiar with the song I didn’t practice it as much as I likely should have. My scores were all pretty good except my binding and lipsyncing. I also forgot to look at the judges more, I was too busy working the crowd! Ha ha! Binding is a mix of several things – my binder was a bit large so I needed to shrink it in the dryer after losing 60lbs. Plus I need to bind my very large breasts additionally with a back brace. Also, I wore a tight white T-shirt – I probably should have chosen a looser fitted shirt. Lesson learned, correcting it this week.

Here’s my very first public Drag Show:

July 28th, 2013 – Stallions Night Club – Harrisburg, PA

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  1. Trish says:

    Fantastic! I hope to get up there to see you soon!!!

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