Masochism Tango – Drag King Performance

By Hollis Taylor

This challenge was hard for me for many reasons. #1 I don’t know Broadway all that well from a male perspective. #2 I chose a song that was awesome and fun, yes, but at the same time was hard to learn, and I wasn’t familiar with. So I had to teach myself the lyrics, master a few dance moves, and figure out how to mix that up with the crowd.

Learning lyrics requires patience but thank goodness I like use my obsessive nature in a good way. So I listened to the song, day & night, over and over and used headphones in order to keep my partner and housemate from losing their minds. I watched youtube videos with the lyrics and made sure I knew every word.

Then I watched video after video of dancers of the tango and Gomez Addams dancing. I watched the song performed on Broadway, numerous times. I tried to take a mixture of what I saw and with the little time I had left after getting most of the lyrics put down a few simple moves for the show.

I included the audience by giving someone my heart and giving off a sort of Gomez Addams stare when I collected tips. I enjoy having an interactive audience, its one reason I enjoy drag.

I also this time began to include make-up to help masculinize my face. Its interesting illusion so if your a gender bender of any kind you might want to look up some tutorial videos. Its not hard, plus you mamma always wanted you to wear make-up right? ha ha!

I only had a week to prepare this performance but the judges were “wow’d” and I scored very well. I think I did pretty well. Here it is:

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