Drag King!

By Hollis Taylor

Well in my journey with gender, its limitations, and of course my own interpersonal feelings I have found myself in a place I am not surprised to end up in. When I was a Professional Dominatrix – all femmed out with thigh high boots, short skirts, curves to kill, and long dark hair – I used to say, “I feel like I am in Drag, its just weird for me to dress like this.” It was, in my years as a porn star I dressed in my everyday in what most would describe as a “tom boy”. It worked in my life at the time. At the time it was my career as a professional Adult Entertainer that had me dress like that. It was part of the job, the uniform. I learned a lot about costuming during those 15 years and often in my free time I was found rubbing hips with Drag Queens. I love Drag Queens! I loved dressing the queens more than I loved dressing myself.

Of course a lot has happened since then. I have allowed myself to fully explore what I like instead of what my significant other likes. Although I think its a great way to expand your horizons, don’t get lost in your SO, simple advice. He was always uncomfortable with me wearing his clothes but I liked it, and was actually more closeted about it than him. Also my call to drag has been a long time fascination. I love it over the top, the more the better. I spent so much time with queens at the queer bars during my closet years they thought I was part of the costuming team or something.

I enjoy the company of Queens and generally flamboyant gay men. I am not totally sure why but I have concluded that I love their free loving attitudes combined with the removed sexual tension. I don’t have to deal with sexual pressures from men when they are gay. I have been to bed with gay men, but it wasn’t the main focus of any of those relationships. Sometimes with womyn I get so excited I get nervous…. ya I get nervous. Believe it or not!

The other thing I loved about porn was the development of the character and the performance. I like to get lost in performance and I love having characters that I pull from. But since I left porn a few years back I haven’t really been performing and I miss it. So instead of returning to an old style I had to reinvent myself. I have invented my gender bending acorn faerie at the faerie festivals that I have fell in love with and plan to expand next year on my performance now that I feel my costume has met my standards. I blogged about that on my Butch Blog. But now I want to develop as a Drag King & really get into performing. Although Drag is about costuming its also about the performance, together that’s Drag.

I am going into this as an ordeal of sorts since I will be performing every Sunday night @ Stallions for the next 3 months. I have entered Harrisburg’s Amateur Drag Race – just for fun! This is my first Drag King show, where I go out and perform. I am a little nervous and anxious but I think that both of those emotions are fed by my just pure excitement. Drag always makes me excited, not just horny! I just feel my queer pride emerge when I watch drag and now I am going to perform it.

Each week I will be challenged just like in RuPaul’s Drag Race. I am looking forward to learning from Drag Queens about the performance and the attitude. I want to be a totally flamboyant Drag King. None of this super masculine bullshit – I am going totally queer… cause that’s who I am. I am most certainly a flamboyant fag that happens to love womyn.

Tonight is the initial meeting and I am guessing we will learn about our first challenge in two weeks. My first performance will be Sunday night of Harrisburg Pride at Stallions Night Club. If your local, stop by and catch my show. I am Izzy Ahee and I started my facebook page.ImageI

Time to put the Drag back into Drag King!

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