NIN Izzy Ahee

By Hollis Taylor

NIN “Closer” is one of the sexiest songs ever. Most people think so and that’s what lead me to the song. I can admit that I have a thing for pushing boundaries, its a personal trait. I must actively work not to otherwise just being myself will simply push people’s boundaries in everything I do. It’s always been this way. If I am good at something or have tons of information about something I also somehow become intimidating. Then I must find a way to bridge those gaps for people.

So when I did this song I took all that intimidation and boundary pushing and threw it right into the character. I embody that part of me and release it among the crowd in a way the ended up making them all FUCKING HORNY! Ha ha! Good stuff and tons of fun.

I built the costume with the help of my personal household and we totally went goth. I like goth and frankly I think goth men are to be respected for wearing makeup, even they question gender roles. I find goth, in itself, to be gender variant. The music is hyper masculine, actually its hard to think of femme goth dance. Goth does that for us. Goth is a celebration that the dark must exist, it is a full expression of the darkness that lies in each of us. Goth brings emotional pain and makes it scary in a way that keeps you still safe. As goth you can take the emotional pressure you feel from society and push it back at them and be IN YOUR FACE dark & scary. You can get lost in the dark or you can just occasionally celebrate your journey into it, like me.

Here is the performance, check it out!

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