Trans Sisters

I have recently began to spend more time reading lesbian writings and spending more time having intellectual conversations with various lesbians. Often, when talking we find ourselves in a feminist type conversation were we begin to talk about the importance of all women space. Space were women can fully express themselves and feel comfortable with each other. A Safe Space. I also have a natural attraction both intellectually and physically to older women – I mean over 40. Often for that generation there was a debate on whether trans women were welcomed in all women space so I find myself needing to express my opinion on it, just so they know where I am at. I think it could certainly make a break a new friendship. So its kind of like disclosure. New friends need to know a few things about me – my expression of gender is confusing, I love trans people of all sorts, and I am poly-amorous and sex positive. So first, when getting to know someone this subject comes up, particularly among lesbians.

First of all, I do think that trans women are different than cis women. Not lesser, not more, just different. I think we are all different and all of us have different experiences therefore creating unique individuals just based on the mere fact that life involves a lot of different situations. Trans women are a group of women just like butches or femmes or moms. They are brought together on shared experiences. In fact they are the sisters of cis-women. They have experienced male privileged and they know what its like to be seen as a woman, especially after a couple years of hormones. Young trans women need the love and support of the older more experienced ones. The pre-ops need to hold the hand of the younger trans women and reach out for those that are post-op. Those trans sisters out there that have been transitioned for many many years, come out come out where ever you are!! Come out sister and embrace the babies, they NEED YOU!

Don’t let the transition lead you back into the closet!!

So for my cis sisters, lets support them, they need us. We stand stronger in large numbers and we certainly have information to help them and trans sisters bring messages for us.

All feminists, regardless of your gender need to share hands. We need to stand up and say , “Fuck Gender, who needs it!”


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