Each time I analyze social gender I come to the obvious question every single time… “Why does it matter?” There is no need for gender in our social world, really there just isn’t. It is just another form of discrimination, like race and orientation.

The Binary

So for the past 6 months I was thinking I might be happier if I transitioned to a “man” using either natural methods or injecting Testosterone. I kept hesitating though… it seems to me that hesitation is a warning sign… plus I am old enough to know that the grass isn’t greener on the other…

Gender and Genitalia

I have discovered that most people tie their genitalia to their gender. Buck Angel has talked about this in his intellectual talks about transgender issues. This is interesting in that even transpeople often still have this identity.

Natural Body Transformation

or me, it would be okay to work out or find a job/hobby that would help shape my body in a way that would present who I really am. For me, I am something in between male and female, maybe including both.