Gender and Genitalia

I have discovered that most people tie their genitalia to their gender. Buck Angel has talked about this in his intellectual talks about transgender issues. This is interesting in that even transpeople often still have this identity.

BDSM for Trans?

Is it me…. or is there a severe lack of gender neutral terms in the BDSM community.

Genderqueer? Transgendered?

So when I hear someone say they are confused about my gender I want to say, “Well now you know how I feel!”

Daily Living

I am Genderqueer…and its only an issue when I am out of my safe place.

Choosing the other gender?

So I been watching Youtube videos and reading books related to¬† transgender issues, stories, and so on. As far as Youtube goes… I am so confused. There seem to be Transmen on there that are saying they are not females, they are not men but something in between, YET they still take hormones and have…

Xmas & Coming out!

So… I have to wait to come out because I don’t want to ruin people’s holidays. Although I already told my brother that I was trans. I think this is actually good because it will give me more time to define and figure out exactly how I feel about my gender issues. Currently its like…