Drag King!

Of course a lot has happened since then. I have allowed myself to fully explore what I like instead of what my significant other likes. Although I think its a great way to expand your horizons, don’t get lost in your SO, simple advice. He was always uncomfortable with me wearing his clothes but I liked it, and was actually more closeted about it than him. Also my call to drag has been a long time fascination. I love it over the top, the more the better. I spent so much time with queens at the queer bars during my closet years they thought I was part of the costuming team or something.


Each time I analyze social gender I come to the obvious question every single time… “Why does it matter?” There is no need for gender in our social world, really there just isn’t. It is just another form of discrimination, like race and orientation.

Gender Variance

This lead me to the free expression of my feminine as I see it. I am a woman, I have a vagina that has given birth to my now 20yo son. Biologically speaking, I am a woman and have shared a body with another living being, I have felt a life spring from within me and venture out into our world.

The Binary

So for the past 6 months I was thinking I might be happier if I transitioned to a “man” using either natural methods or injecting Testosterone. I kept hesitating though… it seems to me that hesitation is a warning sign… plus I am old enough to know that the grass isn’t greener on the other…

Gender and Genitalia

I have discovered that most people tie their genitalia to their gender. Buck Angel has talked about this in his intellectual talks about transgender issues. This is interesting in that even transpeople often still have this identity.

International Women’s day

I believe the only way to live is in equality and that your genitalia should have nothing to do with what people expect from you.

Processing Gender

I made this blog in order to help me grasp my gender and to help reduce anxiety regarding my gender.

My Gender is Queer

Today, on the internet, I was shown a video that randomly pointed out how men and women shower, according to their gender.

BDSM for Trans?

Is it me…. or is there a severe lack of gender neutral terms in the BDSM community.

Genderqueer? Transgendered?

So when I hear someone say they are confused about my gender I want to say, “Well now you know how I feel!”